Flee With Friends

Flee With Friends is a dual player board game in which you have to bring home your pins avoding obstacles. First player to bring pins home wins the game.

How to play?

  • Choose blue or green colored pins.
  • Spin the wheel on your turn to move one of your pins forward in a clockwise manner.
  • Note that if you are not capable of moving a pin precisely into the home section (you must spin the exact amount that would place a piece in the home section) then you must choose a different pin to move or forfeit your turn.
  • You get an extra turn when you land on lucky chance (denoted by ? on the board) or when you capture opponent’s pin.
  • Be aware of deadly mines (denoted by X on the board). Avoid  these if possible. However, if you land on a mine you will be sent back to starting cell.
  • Take advantage of blocks. When your pin lands on a block cell, opponent’s pin cannot get past your pin without capturing it.
  • Collect as many strawberries as you can on your journey to home. Each strawberry fetches you 1 point.
  • Take care that you try to move pins away from opponent’s pieces, or they run the risk of being sent back to the starting cell. If a piece is sent back to the beginning, it’ll have to start all over again.

How to play with friends?

  • Add your friend’s GamerTagId to your friends list.
  • Select your friend’s gamer tagId and tap on Invite.
  • Your friend will be notified of your invitation which will show up in his ‘Invitations from Friends’ list.
  • The game begins as soon as your friend accepts your invitation.
  • It should be accepted in 30 seconds otherwise resend the invitation.

NOTE:  – To play with friends Screen Name should be set and Notification Services should be enabled.  – Notification Services are used to recieve invitations and game plays from your friends.


  • It is important that you play the game to the end for total points to be calculated even if you were to loose the game.
  • For each win you receive 8 points in L1, 12 points in L2 and L3, 20 points in L4.
  • For each loss you receive 3 points in L1, 5 points in L2 and L3, 8 points in L4.
  • You receive 3 point each time you capture opponent’s pin and 1 point each time a strawberry is collected.
  • Check out top 100 scores on Leaderboards.

Screen Shot


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