Gold Truck


REX is a global company and is on the verge of going bankrupt. It is in the hands of Gold Truck to save and turnaround the company. Gold Truck will operate around the clock, collecting gold across the country. Can you steer Gold Truck to earn money by collecting gold while avoiding highway robbers and save REX from bankruptcy?

Check it out and enjoy the game!

How to play?

  • Steer Gold Tuck and collect all treasures on the board.
  • Move the Gold Truck away from robber trucks, or you run into risk of being robbed.
  • Collect the bombs and use them to destroy the near-by robbers.
  • Beaware of gold eaters. They move slowly and eat away the gold.
  • Score 1000 points and earn a bonus lifeline.
  • Complete a level by scoring the target set for that level before time expires or your lifeline run out.

Gold Truck is completely free to play. Gold Truck is a Pac-Man style game suitable for all ages. I am sure you will enjoy this game.

The game is available on both windows 10 and windows phone 10


Watch Gold Truck in action

Screen Shot



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