Spellmesh is a turn based word-puzzle game developed by Atabow. The goal of this game is to maximize points by building big words and stealing tiles from your opponent. This unique game brings you the joy of Scrabble, Boggle and Word Search.
Complete a game and see how you measure up against your friends and the world.

Game Play

Game begins with a set of letters in the letter pool. Players take turns making words from a 5×6 board of letter tiles. As they form a valid word, they claim the tiles that make up the word. The tiles that make up the word are replenished with letters from letter pool and score for that word is added to the total score of the player. Game ends when there are no more letters in the letter pool.


  • Only tiles claimed by player are counted towards the score.
  • Score for a word is calculated by adding weight of each letter multiplied by the length of the word.
  • Words must be of atleast 3 letters and not more than 12 letters.
  • Only unique words are counted towards total score.
  • May use upto 5 lifelines per game and additional 2 lifelines for every 1000 points.
  • Bonus letters are added each time player scores 60 or more points.


  • Make longer words to score higher and adds more bonus letters.
  • Use lifelines to score higher points.
  • Make sure you have good internet connection when playing the game.


SpellMesh has been chosen as winner of April AdDuplex contest

Reviews from real players

“This game is way more fun than just word search or scrabble”

“Great game, must play”

“Can’t stop playing”

Spellmesh1 Spellmesh2


One Response to “Spellmesh”

  1. Carol Cook Says:

    How do you know the weight of each letter?

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