You, Me and Words

 is a word game geared towards building your vocabulary while having fun. This version of the game has been redesigned from scratch in metro style. The game is light, fast and sleek. UI blends itself with your phone background and accent color settings.

Game play is very simple. You need to make as many valid English words as you can in 2 minutes from the letters in the grid. To construct a word simply tap on the letters to select or unselect. Once the word is constructed submit the word by tapping on “Pop”. If the word is valid, score corresponding to the constructed word is added to the total score.


  • Construct higher length words to score higher.
  • Review the words you constructed/missed at the end of each game. Definitions of word makes it easy to remember and learn new words. Also displayed are the words constructed by other players that you missed.
  • Bookmark words as you review the wordlist at end of each game. Words that are bookmarked are displayed in bookmarked page that can be reviewed later. (Only last 50 bookmarked words are saved)
  • Use leaderboards to compare your score with top scores.

There are more 6,000 games to keep you busy for a long time.

The words used in this game are from Wordnet and The Collaborative
International Dictionary of English v.0.48
. I sincerely thank the publishers of these two sources without whom this game wouldn’t have been possible.

Also want to thank the open source community for providing code and binaries to encrypt, decrypt, compress and decompress data.

Encryption/decryption is achieved using the code provided at

Compression/decompression is achieved using the binary provided at




17 Responses to “You, Me and Words”

  1. treeuk Says:

    You could really improve the style of the game, you’ve managed to make them look like they’re Windows Mobile 5. If you have any designer friends, ask them to give it a once over.
    You could also make it look a lot nicer by fully embracing the metro design language.

  2. atabow Says:

    Thank you for the feedback. I have redesigned the game to embrace the metro style. Just submitted to marketplace. Checkout the screen shots in the blog.

  3. John Says:

    Found this app as it was being featured in AppFlow today ( I like it, didn’t have any issues with the design. Fun little game, especially considering it’s free!

  4. xeean Says:

    Looks like a great game but I can’t download it in the marketplace. I think it’s restricted to the US market. I am from Germany. Maybe you could look into the issue 🙂 any possibilities to offer the game to the German marketplace?

    • atabow Says:

      I have only released You, Me and Words to marketplaces that accept english locale. I haven’t localized the app to make it available in other marketplaces. I will submit the app as it is to other marketplaces if folks show interest in this app. Thank you for your interest. I have just submitted this app to German marketplace. You can download in a day or two.

    • Sarah Says:

      Playing in the UK. Need to connect to WiFi to download. Do persevere – its really fun and addictive.

  5. Psycle Says:

    Is there a way you can monitor the players? The odds of someone getting a score over 3000 with only 16 words and each of those 16 being 6+ are pretty remote. And to repeat those results several games in a row indicates the player in question is getting some help by using another computer to come up with the answers.

    • atabow Says:

      Hi Psycle,

      First I want to thank you for trying the game and providing feedback. “You, Me and Words” chooses a random puzzle from 6000+ puzzles. It is very unlikely that two phones will show the same game. However it is possible for someone to use some other online software and cheat or two or more players can combinely work on a single puzzle. it is hard for me to decide whether it’s cheating or it’s real talent.

  6. manicscholar Says:

    Can you add another type of leaderboard based on points per game? Also, another possible idea is leaderboards for most top 10 finishes or most number 1 finishes. Otherwise the highest score leaderboard is basically determined by who has played the most games.

  7. EHuws Says:

    Why isn’t “Europe” accepted please? Also, what does it take to get on the Leader board, we’ve played over 1000 games. My username is “EHuws”.

  8. Sarah Says:

    Invited my friend – was expecting to have the same letters. Would be a nice feature that we would happily pay for. (Aware it’s too hard to tell when we both click play, but could give us a choice to both enter our own (same) letters or choose a 7 letter word that would give us both the same cube?)

    Also would pay for
    1) choice of other time options I.e. 5 or 10 mins.
    2) more letters I.e 12 or 15.
    3) removal of top ad.

    Still really fun – well done and thanks.

  9. Chris Says:

    Love the game.
    One bug: you allow proper names but though I enter them they are not counted. Others are getting them counted as they show up in the after-game list. (e.g. “Dallas”, “Regina” etc.)
    (I have v2.7)
    On the opening page, my rank number is often zero and when it is zero, my score is missing from the “Highest Scores” list but I always seem to show up correctly in the “Most First Finishes” list. The refresh does not seem to correct this. You just have to wait and see another day if it works or not.

    Regarding the question how 3000 pts can be had regularly w/16 x 6pt.+ words, I have seen a player do this. I am regularly in the top 10 myself but would agree that those repeated scores look a little suspect.
    However, I try to concentrate on the larger words myself.
    There is at least one player that excels at entering huge quantities of small words. My fingers won’t move that fast and I have wanted to see this person actually do this. It almost seems like the most bizarre small words could be achieved with a randomness if you move quickly enough. Some people have rather intense and unusual talents.

    I completely agree with another poster that allowing a selectable time limit would be very useful. Many people (including me) can get either panicked or our fingers just sort of freeze up in the rush to enter words. I think you exclude lots of players who cannot play well if there is a short time limit looming.
    The dilemma with this is of course scoring.
    One approach is just have, say, 3 selectable limits and 3 leader boards for each time limit. Then people can compete in their preferred group.
    Alternatively or in addition to this you can include a leader board that uses a simple calculation that divides the scores by time taken. That will allow all players to be ranked together.
    Just don’t allow an unlimited or very long time for a game or it will likely encourage “cheating” by using tools besides our brains.

  10. C Says:

    The flashing white ad has to be banned. I am about to stop playing because that thing is so annoying.

    • atabow Says:

      Sorry to hear about the AD. Unfortunately, ADs served is out of my control. Let me do more research and see if there is a way to stop these flashy ads.

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